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What we do

Tax Preparation

We prepare Individual, LLC, S-Corp, Partnership, and Sole Proprietor returns.  Our attention to detail and thorough tax analysis sets us apart and helps us create a loyal clientele.

Tax Planning

We can help you plan and assist with decisions you make throughout the year to reduce your tax liability and to stay compliant.  Surprises can be fun, but not when it comes to taxes.

Business Consulting and Formation

Thinking of starting a new business or changing your current business structure?  We can help.  Find out what your options are and choose what fits best with your situation and anticipated future growth. 


For our business clients who have employees or who are required to have an officer’s salary, we provide economical, full-service payroll.

Account Resolution

Got a letter from the IRS and aren’t sure how to proceed?  We are certified to practice before the IRS and can assist you with everything from letter responses to audits. 

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